Friday, August 6, 2010

Back in the Habbit

So it has been a LOOOOOOOng time since I have even blogged a word or two. I am going to try to keep this up as much as I am on the computer, why not...

A lot has changed and happened in the past year or so. I am still in Central Oregon and LOVING it!!! My dad passed away and to this day I am greiving. I miss my Pappa. Knowing that I am never gonna be able to share a memory or a wise crack or just plain nothing, makes me cry and sad. I do not know if he is in heaven and I am only hoping he is. My Mom just recently checked herself into rehab for ALCOHALISM!!! This has made me a VERY happy girl!!!! She is in for 6 months and for free. This is thru the Salvation Army. After I read her first letter she sounds happy and has been doing homework, going to church twice a week and meetings 3 times a week! I want this to happen for her, I want her to be healthy! I want her and I to heal and have a realationship! I love my mom and only want to have the best for her!

Chris and I are doing awesome! Our little family has grown from 1 dog child to 3! I Wouldn't have it any other way! They are our children and they do keep us busy! Gizzmo has a son Junior and then 6 mos later we had an opps puppy!! Sonny is a wild boy! He is pitbull and chow chow mix! He is gonna be a big boy and a protector!
I am proud to be where I am today!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Almost there....

I will be in Washington around 10pm tonite!!! I can't wait to see my family! Is The REV preaching this Sunday or still laid up from his ankle accident???
See you all on Sunday!
Love you all

PS you are all my family too! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PRAISE And Prayer Update!

Just a little update...I will be for sure coming up on the 6,7,&8 of February in which I will be dragging my sister to CHURCH!!!! so hopefully I get to see all of you...What time is Church??? Anyways my friend Jessica here in Oregon, her dad is off the ventilator tube and his heart is pumping on its own!!! What a way to show how prayer works! I am still struggling about my trip up to Washington only because of finaces...I just don't have them and sandy is scrimping and saving too for her move to TEXAS!!! That will be another blog about her leaving...I am having a hard time realizing she is moving even further away then I could drive in a day!
Will write more later!
Love you all

Friday, January 23, 2009

Where I have been!

Where to start....Hmmm...Life definetly hasn't handed over those lemons to make lemon aid so that I could sell it and live a little. I am sooo stressed and confused and worrysome and just don't feel like myself these days! I haven't found a job yet but I have many upon many applications out in what we call the real world. I have though been helping out my cousin since she just had surgery on her rotator cuff. So I do get a few dollars here and there mainly for gas. I would get more but her husband is adamant that I help her out and work off my tooth that he paid for when I needed a cap on it. But taking her here and there for her job has worn me out, I am able to put applications in at jobs but I have to work her Schedule. But now here is the worry if I do get a job how do I help her out...See my worry?
I am coming home to Washington for my cousin's wedding and an early birthday for my mom in February. (Feb. 6,7,8) My friend Jessica is letting me take her car and she is getting a rental but little ol me has to pay for the rental...Another worry :(
But for everything else I am happy. I love living here and waking up and looking out of the kitchen window and see the Cascade Mountain range! It is soooo BEAUTIFUL! It's weird living on this side of the mountains. And knowing it takes about 2 hours to get to I5 if I want to!
I went to Portland last wednesday thru friday with Jessica for her dads open heart surgery. He went thru the surgery well but he has not been off the ventilator or the heart something that is helping his heart keep beating. They (the docs) took him off or the heart thing and with in 10 mins his heart went to only 20% usage. They are also weaning him off of the meds and 1% oxygen every 12 hours to see how much he can handle on his own. I know that he is not saved and im not totally sure about Jessica. I know that she has another friend that is a christian and very strong ones at that.
I guess on a better side of things I have started bible study on wednesdays at Church and the study I chose was Beth Moore's study on Esther~It's hard being a woman! We have only done 2 weeks so far but I love it! And I am enjoying the weekly studies in the workbook! Also I have been helping out in Children's Church too! The kids are sooo cute! One of the little guys gave me his picture he colored in class, its on my wall! (so is the one I got from Rylie too )
So thats what has been going on in this crazey girls life!
Miss and LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Lil W
I haven't started the exercising because I have been having heart palpitation's and Chris wants me to see a doctor first before my heart explodes as he puts it! So I have an appointment on Feb 3 in Madras(about 45mins away from me) But I have kicked the caffeine (yeah nooooo coffee:( ) and I dropped soda too.........Oh but I am truely gonna go back to school in the fall or maybe in the summer to become a medical assistant! Ok I think I am done!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

OOOOPSS my mistake...

I am not much for writing today but I will soon. I have been helping my cousin Vickie out due to her not being able to move her shoulders! She saw her doc yesterday and confirmed she will be having surgery with in the month so hopefuly my background check came back and I can start working. I will be taking over her clients (her son and a neighbor girl). What I will be doing is taking them to work and various places they need to go. I will be working for a care facility for those that are mentaly and developementaly challenged...those with special needs! It's not a lot of money but something for now! I didn't really make any kind of resolutions this year but I would like to work on writing letters and sending card to my people SOOOOOO, I need a favor...Could somebody send me in the mail a copy of the Valley Bible Church directory...before the merge??? Also I need Danny and Sara's address too! Thanks! Email me @
Love you all

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

So I don't believe in resolutions but I am going to try to excersie this next year and become more healthier~ oh and find a JOB!!
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hey Toto I think we are in Washington!

WOW!!! It is raining!!! I feel right now that I am in washington....All the snow is melted and gone away. I kinda miss it but now I can go and find more joby jobs~ Please keep me in prayer for work!
Other than that I am good and happy!
Love you